Concertina folded flowers

As requested here are the instructions for one of Fiona’s amazing flowers, displayed at SENZ. She’s busy making up a template for the layered flowers, which we’ll post on the gallery tomorrow.

What you’ll need:

Paper – 11″ x 6″ or 28cm x 15.2 cm (we made ours using the June Free Spirit Deluxe kit)

Paper cutter or scissors
Bone folder

1. Cut paper to 6 by 11 inches. Using a bone folder to make crisp folds, fold the paper in half (across the 6 inch width, not lengthwise); then, fold it in half twice more. Open the folded paper, and use the creases as guides to accordion fold the paper to resemble a fan.

2. With the paper still folded, find the center, and mark it with a pencil. Use a desktop stapler to staple the center (the staple should be perpendicular – at a right angle, Kate – to the folds).

3. Make a mark, 1 inch (2.5 cm) from each end on the folded side of the fan. Using scissors, trim both ends of the paper on an angle, starting from the 1-inch marks and cutting to the paper’s edges. At this point you can ink the ends if going for that effect (the picture shows the paper folded, stapled, trimmed and inked). Cut to the paper’s edge in a curve, rather than a straight line, for a more flower like effect if desired.


4. Fan out the paper to form a star, and bring the ends together. Staple the ends together with a stapler (the picture shows one side with the ends stapled together).


5. Add the centre of your choice. For ideas see the picture of the flower pot on our blog.

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