Some layouts from Kate

So I have been having a wee play with the Jan kit myself, couldn’t help it really, it’s just too yummy sitting on my desk looking up at me like it needs to be cut up and transformed into layouts!

This first one is about my aims for 2008, I’m not such a big resolution girl but it’s nice to have something to look at to remind me to think yeah I should be working on that . I made this layout after thinking about things and writing a list and the first on the list was do more, procrastinate less. This is a big one for me, I’m always wishing I could do more scrapping but then it just doesn’t happen. Sometimes I need to shut my computer down and just start something. Once I’m started just you try and stop me!So thats what happened here, I put down the list and pulled out my supplies, and I didn’t stand there humming and haring over it for 2 hours either, I just went with my gut and stuck things down. I’m pleased with how it came out so I must try that more often!


The next one is just a cute girly layout of Sophia’s first steps (some time ago now lol). I loved cutting out the shapes in the ding a lings paper and pop dotting some of them to make them stand out.



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