May “A Walk in the Woods” – Dione Evans

These little swatches of paper were so gorgeous! I cut them in the same shape as the chipboard pages to tie them in. I had 2 matching ones and patched them to cover the larger of my chipboard shapes. It was a bit of a mission but I liked the finished product. The shape didn’t stand out quite as much as I wanted so i added a little white paint on the edges with my finger. The large letter M’s are Making Memories foam stamps.

I like cutting out – I find it quite soothing and therapeutic! but the flowers begged for leaves. I have been planning to draw leaves on patterned paper for a while so this was my opportunity. I tried to copy the font of the stickers for my journaling… don’t know if you will be able to see it.

This is a photo of my mother on her wedding day. I really enjoyed making the rubons into part of a circle. I love these rubons! it was an afterthought to add the butterful and even though the blue has nothing to really tie it in, I love the feeling of beauty and fragility it adds. I tried to journal in white pen but it didn’t really stand out so I wrote over it in and olive green pen.

I loved the scalloped edged paper but want’ sure how to use it. I wanted to use it with the bird page too but didn’t want to cover too much of it up. I ended up cutting about 2 scallops width off each side. I added 3 kinds of letter stickers and some letter rubons and some paint to the kit for this one and I likes how the chipboard bookplate/tags went with the each girl in the photo. I LOVED the bracket-like edge from another paper and how it tied my blues in.

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