Dandelions – Steph

I don’t have a 12″ x 12″ printer, so I cut my white cardstock to A4 width and printed out the words. Then, where I stuck the cardstock back together, I wanted the longest dandelion covering the join which is why the dandelions are not as they appear on the original transparency. I cut out the dandelions individually before sticking them back on. The picture of Laura was altered in PhotoShop Elements using a Colored Pencil filter (under Filter, then Artistic enhancements) from memory. I cut around the altered picture before gluing it to my cardstock. The individual dandelion seeds were drawn in by hand on the cardstock using a colour pencil. Not easy to rub out which is why I went a bit crazy with them! I also have a thin blue cardstock border around the outside, so my white cardstock is trimmed to slightly less than 12″ x 12″. This is what the back of the layout looks like, with the middle of the blue cardstock trimmed out to use in other projects, and with the white cardstock, mounted on the front, showing through (sorry, I know this is so obvious for experienced scrapbookers, but it’s a good tip for beginners):


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